Flooded with work

It’s down to the wire and there seems to be so much remaining. I showed up at the boat yesterday morning and found the starboard side of the boat, center section, flooded. Since all the bilge pumps had already been replaced, this made me wonder how this could be possible. I jiggled the bilge pump float switch and it started pumping. I really need a secondary switch. The water was able to flow into the engine compartment and that bilge pump worked fine. But there was still a lot of water. And it was stinky.

In any case, I hunted in the usual places for any source of incoming water -- the paddlewheel, the replaced through hull. Then I happened to notice that the waste water tank was full. We barely used it on the last trip! I then realized what happened. The through hull valve for the macerator was left open so seawater pushed it’s way through that fitting and filled the waste tank. It’s still a mystery how the water got from the waste tank to the bilge, but I’m going to suspect a leak somewhere and just replace it all. I ordered a new flexible tank and I’ll make 100% sure it’s completely watertight. That tank is at least 10+ years old anyway.

Parts for the engine should be starting to arrive today. I really want to get the engine running again. I’d feel so much better.

The show-stopper list is now:

  • Replace wastewater tank and remaining hoses (8 hours)
  • Remove the shaft seal water loop; this can just be vented for now, and I’ll route the excess pump water to the spare through-hull. This will show me flow all the time.
  • Replace the injectors (waiting on parts)

The high priority list is a lot longer. I’d post it but I’m off to work now.


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