I can’t believe there are only 8 weeks left!


Hosed sounds bad, but actually it’s good. I purchased a few hoses for Jane’O. The old water grade hose was toast so I got a heavy duty one. I also needed a salt water washdown self-coiling hose for the anchor locker.

I also purchased this nifty mosquito trap. It’s going to come in handy in Mexico when I enclose everything and I’m in a buggy area. It runs off a 500ma 12v wall adapter, so I should be able to power it from DC with some wiring tricks.

I’m starting to prep for some plexiglass replacement. Picked up some 8” portholes that I plan on mounting in the main cabin’s aft windows. There was a solar fan there but it’s toast. I’m looking at adding a small DC fan that will fit in the opening, probably this one since it has a switch for two different speeds already. And I need to think about some screens.

Work this past weekend

As usual, I underestimated the time this weekend working on stuff. The raw water pump was cleaned out, replaced the impeller and a hose that was chafed. The raw water strainer is also nice and clean now. But that took a lot of time.

Speaking of which, I’m super stoked that Dave is doing the HaHa with us. He’s super fun to work on projects with, often providing some amazing tidbits of information (ask him why oil helps when cutting metal sometime). Not to mention the fact that he helped with most of the prep work for the epoxy projects Saturday, helped select the right fittings for the watermaker faucet, which he installed pretty much singlehanded.

Gerry gets a new last name, Dremmel, since he’s now a pro. He sliced through the old dinghy snap fittings and replaced them, so the dinghy should be easier to deploy. He also worked with Tim on figuring out that dinghy cover. Apparently you have to use the boat hook and fish to bring the lines back on board to secure the cover. It works, but it’s hard -- we probably need to add a ring on the end of the strap so the boat hook can catch it. Gerry keeps telling me it’s a design flaw.

Tim spent time doing a lot of cleanup, securing the pressure washer, and some errand running.

Back to Brisbane

Next weekend I suspect the boat will be back in Brisbane. If you’re not already on the crew list, email me and request getting on. I don’t know the exact date she will be going back, but I’ll probably bring her back after work soon.

Next Weekend

Only stuff left on the CRITICAL list is:

  • Alternator work, including fixing the regulators
  • Bilge Pumps, still work to do on the starboard engine and the starboard forward compartment

High Priority for next weekend:

  • Install the flag halyard cleats
  • Replace the charger/inverter
  • Instrument panel cleanup
  • Remaining waste water hoses
  • Electrical connections for watermaker
  • Replace engine mounted the fuel filter(s) and the racors

Low Priority:

  • Run the planer across the older teak and see what happens
  • Stain the remaining teak
  • Change engine coolant, inspect/replace thermostat
  • Pull off the aft cabin plexiglass and get Tap to make new ones

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