hull hole

Hull hole

Good thing I had a maintenance haulout. The crew at Opequimar did a great job, filling just about every blister. Two of the ones they found had actually penetrated the core, so with just a hand tool they made a significant hole in the boat:

Fortunately, it was caught early enough and the core could be dried out, fared, and refilled. There was another one on the other side.

The bottom job looks beautiful now though. They were also able to repair the starboard engine coupling, and corrected the alignment. They also replaced the propspeed on the prop, which was starting to show signs of degrading.

The engine runs great finally! I was able to use both engines to boat around the marina with ease.

Unfortunately, after the return to the marina, Mary slipped while docking, fell overboard, and broke her leg. This was truly a tragedy that ended out requiring surgery. She’s recovered now, but that’s why all the posts have stopped.

I am currently in the process of finalizing plans for the return trip back, though, which will be on the next post.

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