bash ยท route

Planning to plan is a pain

Spent a good part of the day on planning the bash. A bit of a challenge since I’m also packing to move as well, but I did get quite a bit done. Here is the route:

LegDescriptionLeg (nm)Total (nm)
APuerto Vallarta to San Jose Del Cabo (SJD), then Cabo San Lucas (CSL), with stops in Isla Isabel (II) and Mazatlan (MZT)85+92+178+16371
BCabo to Bahia Santa Maria (BSM) with an optional stop in Magdalena Bay (MB)176+43219
CBahia Santa Maria to San Juanito9393
DSan Juanito to Turtle Bay (TB), with optional stops in Punta Abreojos (PA) and Bahia Asuncion (BA)68+75+67210
ETurtle Bay to San Benito (SB)5656
FSan Benito to San Quintin (SQ)128128
GSan Quintin to Ensenada (ENS)105105
HEnsenada to San Diego Customs Dock6565
ISan Diego to Avalon Harbor7171
JAvalon Harbor to Ventura7373

Each of these links contains tons of information; use both Active Captain and Google Maps to see things in different ways. Based on all the reading I’ve done, we’re going to follow these rules for the Bash (legs B through H):

  • Stay 4-5 miles offshore to catch any land breezes. These usually die out as you go further offshore, but this is far enough to be safe, with a radar alert for objects within 1-2 miles.
  • Sail mostly at night and in the mornings.
  • Find anchorages in the late afternoon and evening, when the winds pick up.
  • Sleep during the day when possible.

If we get a good southerly breeze and conditions are great, we’re going to skip many of the anchorage. The spreadsheet is not yet updated, but I have uploaded these routes to the new chartplotter. The spreadsheet is not yet updated to reflect all of this.

If you want the GPX I am using for this, It’s on the site here:


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