Leg 4 modifications

Well, they say Point Conception is the hardest spot on the coast of California for a reason, I guess. Blaine and I were doing ok until the wind went from 10 knots to 33 in about a minute. We had the boom vang detach from the boom, broke a few dishes, and nearly lost the Spinnaker we left on deck.

Also, yet another stopper knot issue: despite having a properly done stopper knot. It just ripped the knot right through. I guess I need a larger stopper knot?

Also we found additional engine issues. It seems that at high speeds, the port engine seal leaks. Worse yet, because of the vibration, a water hose past the pump developed a leak, as did the diesel fuel filter. This is because one of the mounts was completely worn, causing some misalignment and vibration.

We went on to Ventura where they have a full lift as well as a metal shop. The crew there has been GREAT. Looking forward to getting this fixed.

Today I fixed the oil leak on the starboard engine. The brass elbow I assembled wasn’t fully tight. I had to take everything apart to tighten it. I can’t test it yet because the starter was replaced with the old Port side starter, which was intermittently failing.

I am on a flight home to get the Tip done. If things go as expected, I will be underway mid next week.

More later!


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