Map App Gap

Gerry has been on my case for software to download for his Android phone. Here’s a list of what I usually use onboard and some I plan on testing out this trip.


  • RayView. Although I have only barely tested this, this is compatible with the new RayMarine displays and lets you see the radar and control the device from your tablet (preferred) or phone (not recommended). This seems to work great -- I can take the tablet into the other room and see the screen on the MFD. This means I can backseat drive from my bunk with my tablet! I think it’s even possible to fiddle with the autopilot, but I’m not sure how that will work yet.
  • Navionics Boating HD Marine and Lakes. The app is cheap, the charts not so cheap. This is probably the best since it has good coverage for Mexico. The US version ends just south of Mazatlan and is fine for most of the trip except the very beginning. If you really want charts south of Mazatlan, they are also available for download within the app. You will have to pre-download maps to have this be useful for the trip.
  • Garmin ActiveCaptain. This has good descriptions and reviews of all the anchorages worldwide, including some valuable tips.
  • MxMariner. This one costs a lot less, but is only very useful in the US. Charts are free.
  • OsmAnd+. This is a good last-resort application that downloads maps offline, including road maps and shopping info. Great if you are stuck in some very remote part of Mexico looking for bottled water. This is the one to download if you’re on a budget; get all of Mexico for free.

Watch timer

  • Repeat Alarm. This app can be set to go off every N minutes, and shuts up after 1 minute of alarming. It has a spot for notes, which I’ve never used. This is important for overnight passages.

Anchor Drag

  • SailSafe Pro. This has a good app for tracking your position and can even make a phone call if you drag, provided you have service.
  • Anchor Watch/Alarm. I haven’t used this app before but it has promise.


  • Victron Connect. This lets me monitor the batteries on-board and set an alarm if we lose too much power.

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