Back in Brisbane!

Check out the video of the mast going up. That mast is HUGE. Although I am ecstatic that the mast is back on, I am a little bummed about how hard it still is to furl and unfurl the jib. I guess it’s just a big sail.

Here’s a summary of the state of the mast now:

  • New windspeed and direction indicator. You can now get direction AND windspeed right from the cockpit without looking up at all. This was great at night, and also great to set up the autopilot to point straight into the wind for sail raising.
  • Upgraded LED steaming light, tricolor light, and LED anchor light.
  • New antenna which now runs down to the new AIS VHF radio. AIS is now integrated into the nav system, with alerts when boats are close.
  • Upgraded the Raymarine display to a much larger display. There is still some mounting to do. However, the display shows boats all over the SF bay due to AIS, even sometimes outside the Golden Gate.raymarine

We had a great sail back from Richmond to Brisbane, and she now sits at her usual dock. See the twitter feed for the exact spot. I hope to update twitter with each voyage, ideally automatically.

I have contacted the insurance company, and hopefully they will be removing the limited use restrictions next week. In the meantime, it’s time to start working on reassembling the cabins and making her more habitable.


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