Well, it looks like the corrosion isn’t just limited to electronics. The mast itself has some really bad spots. Here is a tang that connects a diagonal to the mast:

mast corrosion

That, plus the age of some of the standing rigging, means it’s time to pull the mast down, clean the corrosion, do some welding, reinforcing, and some epoxy paint.

I’m giving up on Svendsen’s Bay Marine. They’ve had 6 weeks with Jane’O and only managed to repair 5 spots of fiberglass after pointing out twice that they didn’t fix what I asked for. They also completed a through-hull. Probably could have a reputable boatyard do that work in two days. The straw that broke the camel’s back was a promise for an estimate by Wednesday, only to call them Thursday and find out they haven’t finished yet.

KKMI, here I come. They will charge me by the hour, which sounds like a good move at this point. Wish me luck.


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