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Plan A Planning

Well, the long trek back to California is about to begin. Just starting to finalize the crew. In the meantime, check out this video which, assuming Plan A routing, will give you a quick tour of where the boat is and how we’re getting to Cabo. The first stop is Isla Isabell, so that’s where the video ends:

You can see about where the boat is docked, along with some of the nearby resorts. This two minute intro will show you the exit out of the harbor and then the trip out to the island.

The whole idea for visiting this island is to check out the Blue Footed Boobies. Outside of the Galapagos Islands,this place is supposedly the best place to see them. Along with some killer-sized green iguanas.

The Route

It’s challenging to map things in Mexico. In particular, Isla Isabel mentioned earlier is charted many miles away from where it really is on some charts.

Want to explore on your own? Download this KML file and open it in Google Earth or some other navigation program.

Also check out the official spreadsheet for the Plan B and Plan C options. Plan A is the preferred route.


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