Planning Puerto Vallarta to Cabo

Time to start planning the bash! Jane’O has to make it home, come hell or high water (lets hope for neither). The first step is to get her back to Cabo.

I currently have sufficient crew to survive this leg. However, I don’t have the ideal headcount yet. I’d love 4 people from PV to Cabo.

The plan is to fly down on June 15th. Yes, it will be hot. I’m worried about my crew getting dehydrated, so I’ll have to institute some water safety rules. But once we get offshore, it should be a little cooler.

Anyway, the tentative plan from Puerto Vallarta to Cabo looks like this:

NautMi ETE (best) ETE (bad) Notes Crew
Sun 16 Jun Provision, then leave (at sea)       Leave at 5pm Gerry, Dave
Mon 17 Jun (at sea) Isla Isabel 85 14:10:00 18:53:20 Arrive 7am-noon Gerry, Dave
Tue 18 Jun Isla Isabel (at sea)       Leave at 4pm Gerry, Dave
Wed 19 Jun (at sea) Mazatlan 93 15:30:00 20:40:00 Arrive 7am-2pm Gerry, Dave
Thu 20 Jun Mazatlan (at sea)       Leave early Gerry, Dave
Fri 21 Jun (at sea) Cabo 176 29:20:00 39:06:40   Gerry, Dave

I’d really love to stop in Isla Isabel so we can check out a blue-footed booby. I need one more crew for this segment, so I’ll be reaching out to some friends soon.

The weather might mess this up, so I have alternative plans -- sail via Mazatlan or straight-shot to Cabo without stopping.

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