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Productive weekends

Well, thanks to some extra hands, quite a few things got finished (in order of completion):

  • the new teak is oiled (thanks Timothy)
  • starboard water tank is cleaned out (thanks Daniel) and the tank and sight tubes are now clean.
  • Jib hoisted. I used straight dyneema for the halyard, and it’s so slippery the brake won’t hold the line. I think I’m going to have to switch to dyneema core, or cleat it carefully. I might be able to slip a cover over the halyard in just the right spot for the brake.
  • Temporary jib pendant installed, at least enough to measure. The rig shop is going to make me a real one.
  • Install the reefing winch. There is some excess backing that could use some trimming, but that’s not urgent.
  • Reef lines run (thanks Dave). Still some cleanup to do here but these can be done when aloft
  • Replaced the oil in the transmissions (thanks Dave). I am convinced the water was up to the top of the transmission since the cap is actually a breather valve and the oil was milky and overly full. Hopefully the fresh oil will clean things out.
  • Completed saltwater washdown pump installation (thanks Dave). The fitting where the hose attaches might need replacement; we won’t know until launch.
  • port water tank is cleaned out (thanks Timothy) and it’s clean too
  • Wastewater system and most of the hoses replaced with “the good stuff” (thanks to Sean for pointing out the Trident hoses, they are SO much better). Didn’t get anything past the tank yet, and they need it (tank to macerator, macerator to through hull, and pump-out hose) but they really need it.

Not done, perhaps these can get done during the week:

  • Didn’t plumb the sample output for the watermaker, run the wiring, or affix the support wood for the filters
  • Replace port engine impeller; inspect pump and belt; clean intake
  • Inspect starboard engine bilge pump

The bad news is the boat yard won’t be done until at least the 24th. The engine seems to be out of alignment with the shaft. I’m not really sure why this is.

Next weekend I intend to finish the stuff listed above, as well as these tasks:

  • Secure the solar controller. This is just using some epoxy to secure the wood braces to the side of the boat.
  • Replace the charger/inverter. Finally going to install the 2000W continuous with 6000W burst (can you say BLENDERS and HAIR DRYERS and MICROWAVES?).
  • Install the flag halyard cleats.
  • Investigate the starboard engine fuel leak.
  • Replace the dinghy snap hooks. Some are very tired. This should be easy while the boat is on the hard.

And, some optionals:

  • Run the planer across the older teak and see what happens
  • Stain the remaining teak
  • Fix the starboard engine bilge pump
  • Mount the starboard forward compartment bilge pump float switch. It seems to be loose
  • Mount some of the new instruments. The instrument panel is starting to be too messy…

Can you help? Please let me know!


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