Some high level project notes here. We use trello for details.


The most important projects relate to safety. These are in a few categories:

  • Loose battery. The port side battery was added, but it needs to be secured better.


  • Canvas. I don’t want to spend much time on the massive amounts of teak on the boat. I’m outsourcing this; see the upcoming plan post for more details. This is happening now!

  • Galley. The sink and stove are ready for replacement. We’re going to go with a Corian countertop, a 10,000 BTU two burner stove, and a stainless steel sink. I’d love to get a drop for trash built into the countertop, too.


  • The water pump is really tired. It works, but the pressure is terrible.


  • Solar. See the Solar Design Notes. This is installed, but there are still some loose ends and canvas work to get this working correctly.

  • Inverter. There’s a functional, but ancient inverter on board. I’d like a new one, perhaps this one from AIMS. That gives me a pure sine wave, and burst amperage to almost 6000 watts.

  • Air conditioner. I’m leaning on one with a heater too, perhaps this 6000btu unit, but probably the next size up.

  • Lighting. Mary is particularly sensitive to the quality of light. I’d love to go for some halogen lighting in the main cabin area as well as the main cabin, and LED everywhere else. I also want LED lighting in the engine room and all the compartments.

  • Generator. Off she goes. Going to do solar and go with a portable propane generator.