Somewhat productive weekend

On my way out of Svendsen’s Bay Marine, i ran into the owners. They were really interested in my story! They made me a pretty good deal -- time+materials, with reports of what was done, and a weekly meeting for a full status update. I also get a discount if they miss a date! This is great! So I’m not moving to KKMI (at least not yet).

Reasonable amount of stuff done this weekend:

  • Removed main sail, main sheet, lazy jacks, and more to prep for mast removal
  • Sprayed lots of PB blaster to get everything ready to come off the mast
  • Disassembled the traveler, cleaned the traveler lines and cars, reassembled
  • Installed some interior cabinet doors (almost done) and repaired the hole between the port cabin and the port engine room
  • Changed the starboard engine’s oil
  • Began route planning for southbound trip

I am set on making the passage down to LA a lot more fun than last time. One planned stop is on Santa Barbara Island where there are lots of seabirds nesting.

Today I was told they have already stepped the mast! So I’m off to take a close look in the morning.


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