S/V Jane'O

Jane’O is a 39’ long, 21’ wide catamaran with a draft of 4’. You’ll see S/V a lot which stands for “sailing vessel”. On paper, she displaces about 15,400 pounds of water, but actually weighs closer to 33,000 pounds (at least according to the scale at Bay Marine). She has two almost new Beta 30 engines, rated at 30 horsepower at 3600 RPM.

Here are Jane’O’s numbers:

  • Doc Number: 1042983
  • MMSI: 367418460
  • Call Sign: WDJ9019

Tracking links:

Here’s a layout diagram:

She has 4 cabins, each of which has a separate door and a sink. Each cabin has space for a full size mattress. The port aft cabin is primarily used for storage, but one person can sleep in there. There are two heads (bathrooms), both with showers. The port side head hasn’t been used in a long time and is just used primarily as a wet locker today. She holds 107 gallons of water, and 120 gallons of diesel fuel. The burn rate for these engines is less than .5 gallons an hour (each) so cruise range, assuming you just use one engine at a time, is about 8 straight days (4 days if you use both engines). I can store another 60 gallons in a nacelle near the front of the boat for another 4 days, which is almost enough to motor the whole way to Hawaii.

Engine Service Info

I am constantly looking for these at each service, so here they are summarized:

Oil Capacity5 liters (1.32 gallons)
Oil Type Chevron Delo 400 15w-40
Oil FilterBeta 211-60390 (aftermarket: WIX 51344 or Napa Gold FIL 1344)
Coolant Capacity5.5 liters (1.45 gallons) -- Note that the PORT engine will take more than this due to calorifier
Coolant TypeZerex Original Green