Is that better than a higher temperature? Okay enough puns. I’ve been doing some research into the temperatures during July because, well, it will be hot. The pilot charts have some awesome offshore average temperatures for the month, which is probably a little hotter than what we’ll be experiencing, but is the best we have for offshore temperatures.


This chart shows the average air (red) and sea (blue) temperature in July. I’m mostly worried about the red lines because that’s the air temperature. Notice we start off near Puerto Vallarta, where the temperature is a balmy 29C (84F) and end in San Diego where it’s 18C (64F), or about 20F temperature drop.


Here’s what January looked like. Starting in PV, it’s a fabulous 24C (75F) but cools down to 14C (57F) in San Diego. Brr.

Side by Side

PlaceJuly Temp(F)Jan Temp(F)Spread
Puerto Vallarta84759
Mag Bay72668
Turtle Bay68626
San Diego64586
So, it looks like we just get an extra 6 degrees of warmth offshore. San Diego is more like Mag Bay was in January. Mag Bay is more like what Cabo was in January.