This boatyard was amazing. I am ready to go, planning a 6am departure to Avalon. Both engines are running great. Obviously will need to keep an eye on everything but I believe she’s ready.

Still some precarious stuff to deal with, notably the starter for the starboard engine is sure to give us trouble. But Mary is going to bring a fresh one and I can probably install it in San Diego. Or maybe not. This one might surprise me.

I also don’t have any reef lines yet. But there is no wind forecast. But I still want one. Dave and I worked on this together once and so when he gets here and I have some extra help, we will fish the reef lines through the boom again.

I ran the port and starboard engines up to 2500 RPM and even 3000 RPM and they were smooth as silk. I will probably motor most of the way since there is little wind forecast.

Ventura Boat Yard wins the prize for best ever boatyard experience. I will be back Ventura!