Most surreal experience ever in a sailboat! There are more photos here.

We left Brisbane early enough and had a great following current as the bay started to empty, so we ended out stopping at the ferry building for some caviar lunch, then we headed over to the shoal area and drove around until we ran aground. It’s pretty rare to be celebrating hitting bottom. We slowly watched the shoal appear. We ended up a short walk from the highest part of the shoal, and at first we were concerned that the right side of the boat was in much deeper water than the left, but as it turned out there was just a small spot where it was a bit deeper, perhaps we dug that out while maneuvering. She pitched up nicely, and the props were barely in the soft mud/sand.

The associated bonfire and camaraderie was really great. The guy walking around with a huge bottle of wine was a welcome reward for a tricky day.