Well, come hell or high water, I’m headed to San Diego. Today was very challenging. I was putting away a starter that was out, and it slipped and landed on my toe. It bled a lot and cracked my toenail. Now it’s hard to walk again. Or stand.

I have never been so accident prone in my life. I just got over a bad ankle sprain, and now this. I am confident I can still make the last 82 NM tomorrow. Just have to deal with these battle bruises.

Fortunately, the first aid kit was in order, and BayWatch sent out a boat and intercepted me. They were here faster than an emergency room wait. They put on some stuff, including an ace bandage, then went away.

BUT the boat worked GREAT. Everything. If it weren’t for this injury, it would have been epic.

Anyway I think I will heal and be okay. It will just take time. I can’t wait to drop the hook in San Diego tomorrow.