Jane’O is in the Delta! With some help from some Facebook California Delta fans, I found the Willow Berm Marina, which isn’t terribly far from Stockton, but hoping for something a little closer in. The picture is of the Union Pacific Railroad crossing, with the bridge up just to be sure we don’t hit it.

Gerry took the trip with me, and although we never even got the sails up and it was extremely hot, it was a good trip. Gerry scared me with a cryptic message that he thought he had Covid-19 but he just had some irritation from the smoke.

Jane’O has some free dockage starting on the 3rd of October, so she’ll need to be moved. If you’re interested in crewing (very short trip) and can drive out there to meet me, let me know.


Tomorrow is (hopefully) lithium day. Dave is heading up to Willow Berm with me to help wire things up and check on the dinghy motor. I have 400Ah of 12V lithium cells ready to install.

I suspect that the large feeder cables that run between the control panel and the engines aren’t going to start the engines, but we’ll know that soon enough. That is the whole point of having the starter batteries, but there will be some rewiring to do to get the starter battery on a completely different circuit from the house banks:

The starter will be wired like this, which allows for emergency starting from the house bank, but normally it will be on the starter battery:

Starter battery --> 3-way-switch <-- Lithium Bank
The alternator will be wired directly to the lithium bank, along with all the charging systems:
Lithium <- House charger
   +------ Solar charger
   +------ Alternator output
   +------ Trickle charger ---> Starter battery
The trickle charger is this 15A Amp-L-Start device which will only charge the starter battery when there is house power, which should be almost always. I have a separate one for each battery.


We also plan on starting the outboard, if we can. We ended out having to row last time and I’d like to see if we can get this going.