Crew Overload

Unexpectedly, I have a LOT of people who are considering doing the bash! This is great!

The planned departure is April 11.

Here’s the list:

Very Likely

Dave the amazing crewmember who sailed south with me from San Diego and has been instrumental in keeping Jane floating. I can’t imagine bashing without him this time. Dave is a bona-fide rocket scientist who works on spacecrafts. If he can fix a spacecraft, he can fix Jane. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Helen who I don’t know all that well, but Dave suggested her. Rumor has it she loves cooking especially when the seas are killing us. Will we be hungry in that case? I don’t know but we’ll have food! In any case, she’s done the bash already once and is still up for doing it again.

Nathan who attempted the bash once. He’s amazing, a serious outdoorsman, and trained in survival skills. Lets hope we don’t need them.


Sky who helped me sail into the California Delta and is an all out adventurer. She’s one of the few people who have taken the wheel and it drove the boat like she’s been sailing forever. She’s taking some time off and hopes to do the trip.


Mark Eschbach who was the only person who didn’t throw up on my attempt to sail out the gate in 8 foot seas on a 35’ boat.

Six people would be amazing, but we’d have to alternate sleeping arrangements and/or use the couch and outside sleeping areas when we stop at anchorages.

I think the ideal count is 6, although I have not planned a long trip with more than 4 people before. My friend Sean says it’s not a problem and it will be easier with more people.

Edited to add: Adam backed out due to a conflicting surfing trip.

Let’s do this! 👍


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