I’m happy. My entire 2020 bash crew has said “yes” to taking the trip all the way from PV to San Diego, starting July 1st! So, I have a crew of 4 all set in July. It will be a hurricane-riding trip.

I’m inspired by the trip done on July 1, 2013 (7 years earlier) by Mark and Emily Fagan. You can read about their blog entry here. The upshot was that they went all the way from PV to Ensenada in 8 days and 7 hours, stopping for only 41 hours and averaging 6.4 knots. Awesome, but that might mean fewer stops, which means fewer fish tacos from the small villages on the coast.

And PV will be a scorcher in July. Not as bad as LaPaz, but still pretty hot.

Flights to PV are severely limited at this point. Direct flights resume May 20th, and I have a ticket on that first nonstop from SFO. United has a great change policy, but prices are literally between $400 and $4000 for a flight down there. Fortunately, I got one for $400.