Jane’O is slowly getting in better shape. Of course, I keep hitting problems fixing things, but I guess that’s boating for you.

Projects and Covid-19

I haven’t been inviting anyone out to the boat. I am trying to stay safe until this next wave is past us. But I want to do a weekend trip if there is good weather, probably just to Monterey or Drake’s Bay. Stay tuned, and comment if you’re staying isolated and want to crew.

How we’re tracking

Since the outhaul car broke, I attempted to order a new one. The track size is a little unusual, so I special ordered a harken outhaul car. What I got was just too wimpy for Jane’O, and actually didn’t fit the track. So, I removed the old track and will replace it.

Good thing I did -- the old track wasn’t very securely attached and the aluminum support bracket was corroding. The whole track might have ripped off next. I ordered a new, wider track and a new bracket. This is probably what I should have done to start with.

Sea Chickens (aka seacocks)

Installing a new seacock is scary when the boat is in the water, and I am such a chicken. Basically, you unscrew the old one, stick your finger in the big hole, and quickly screw on the new fitting. Getting everything lined up the way I wanted it was hard, but now there is a shutoff and an A/B valve so I can either run the AC or use salt water for the toilet.

Those that have sailed with me know how much I hate using salt water in the head. It always ends out smelly when the sea creatures eat your waste. So, I unlikely to ever use that, unless we are rationing water.

Anyway that almost finishes the intake for the AC. I need to drill a hole for a new hose from the pump to the AC next. But I will switch to getting the power working first.

Mirror mirror

Finally got one new mirror installed in the port forward cabin. There is one more to do. It looks much better!