Here’s an update on the Hawaii 2024 trip. We’re close to full outbound from Morro Bay to Hilo, HI. There is a cabin remaining, and there are two people eyeing it. Someone is sure to get in their deposit before then.

New stuff

Lots has changed. The fuel tank on the starboard engine had a huge leak. To get it out, we had to haulout, so I took some free paint and touched up the front and back. Here’s a before and after pic.

The fuel has been removed and a new tank made from polyethylene has been ordered. It still needs installation, but it should be finished before we depart for Hawaii. During the haulout I found that the port engine bearing was worn. That’s been replaced too.

A new mainsail has been ordered, should be here in a few weeks. They are in the production phase now. This should give us an improvement in performance since it’s designed a little better than the existing mainsail; the old one didn’t fit all that well and the battens were, well, missing and broken in a few places.

The outboard is in way better shape. There was some kind of blockage in the cooling system that has been cleared up. I’m going to need some more outboard testing but I think it’s fine.

The fresh water pump has given up. Actually, the pump is fine, but the pressure sensor that shuts it off has died. I have a replacement pump but it hasn’t been installed yet.

The alternator on the port engine has died. I have a new one, with additional capacity, that needs installing.

The generator lazarette flooded again. I didn’t know where these leaks could have been coming from, but some serious investigation recently and I figured it out. I think the old generator is functional, but it’s now a little rusty and never has worked all that great. A new one with higher power producing capabilities has been ordered.

Solar panels are being mounted on top of the dinghy davits in the back of the boat. I found that angling the solar panels produces a LOT more power, and even having two more panels means I can run the starlink continuously at anchor. And maybe even the AC. Or maybe not. AC is a big drain.

My AIS died and has been replaced. The old unit was sent back for service. I hope they can replace it because it had 5W of power instead of 2W which I have now.

Hatch handles were designed using 3D printing software and my son Erik has purchased a 3D printer. We’re still testing them and may need to make a few more tweaks, but there are a lot of broken handles on the boat that will be replaced!

There are a bunch of other little things to address before departure. I have a running light out. The ceiling is sagging. Lifejackets need inspection. The trickle charger needs mounting. There are some canvas repairs I’d like to complete.


This is a ROUGH schedule. Message me for details.

Date Start End Full?
18 May Brisbane Marina Morro Bay Almost
25 May Morro Bay Hilo No
15 Jun Hilo Kona No
6 Jul Kona Maui No
27 Jul Maui Lanai No
3 Aug Lanai Oahu (via Molokai) No
24 Aug Oahu San Francisco No