Well, we are good to go. The critical list is empty. Lots of great improvements:

  1. Dave set up an antenna and thinks he can fetch some weather faxes over HF while we’re at sea.
  2. Jane’O is now fully on lithium. All the alternators charge the lithium bank inside the cabin. I am still carrying 200Ah of lead acid as a backup, but there is now 400Ah on board.
  3. New liferaft, new drogue. Hopefully will not need those.
  4. New outhaul car. The old one was broken, badly.
  5. Repaired spinnaker. The ring to keep the sock away from the sail was broken, making dousing the spinnaker harder.
  6. TV now on DC. It draws only about 1 amp, which is better than expected.
  7. Purchased a couple of ways of charging batteries. Pretty stocked up on generator fuel too.
  8. Replaced stuck macerator. Thanks Ed for the help with that waste-filled mess.

There are still some minor loose ends, but nothing to stop us from leaving. The weather is kind of fickle getting out of San Francisco, but everything is starting to look good offshore. We expect the passage to take 13 or 14 days. We will reposition to Morro Bay this weekend.

We will all get tested for Covid before departure. Ed, our newest crew member, will be fully vaccinated so perhaps he can take us home if we all get sick 😷

Want to follow along? Click the Locate link on the home page! Wish us luck!