Jane’O finally has a real air conditioner! I went ahead with the MarineAire 9000 BTU unit which barely fits into the starboard side closet. It’s about 50 pounds, or about as heavy as that portable unit I previously had.

Better yet, it has both a heat pump and a dehumidifier, so I can make it warmer when it’s cold. I think the dehumidifier works without the water pump, but I’m not sure. If so, it could even reduce or eliminate my existing dehumidifiers.

Installation is complicated, and I hope to get it done this weekend.

  • Power
    • Add a separate branch circuit for the AC
    • install control panel and remote control
    • wire from control panel to seawater pump
  • Seawater
    • Tee off the existing toilet salt water intake
    • install sea strainer
    • install seawater pump
    • add another side drain for the seawater output as low as possible but above the water line
  • Venting
    • cut a good size vent in the door for the air return
    • vent the 6” output into the cabin
  • Condensate
    • Add a drain into the shower sump

Ideally, the vent tees off into the cabin area to keep everyone cool or warm at night, but for now I’d be happy with a single giant vent hose. Vents to the port side are too hard for now.


While I was down in the bilge inspecting things and preparing for installation, I heard a “drip”. As it turns out, when the head was installed, they tapped into the PEX line with a standard barbed tee. This is a no-no. You can’t compress PEX with a standard clamp, so it leaked. Worse yet, the PEX itself was damaged from the insertion, so I have to replace a portion of it, and they used really cheap clamps!

The good news is that this explains why (a) there was often water in the center section floor; (b) the water pressure, after a week or so, drops to zero; and © why I’m glad that bilge pump works so well.

And, of course, even the through hull leaks a little. Someone put some silicone sealant at the bottom of it. What a terrible idea. I have a new one ready to install.

Battery Bank

Dave helped a lot with this project, and the new lithium batteries are securely mounted in the floor. Wiring is partially done. This should make sailing for days a lot easier, with over 400AH of lithium batteries.