Leg 2 successful, leg 3 underway

Leg 2 felt like the first real ocean day. Winds were relatively calm, so we ended out motoring a lot, but we tested the spinnaker, tested the main and the jib, and tested the engines well. I’m okay with all that. We refueled in Half Moon Bay, then headed out just after 8. We got in to Monterey around 8pm, so like 12 hours down. Gerry and Blaine both took off and Dave joined as crew. Alan had a last minute cancellation, so the two of us are going to slog it down to Morro Bay. We’re sure to be tired when we get there, as this is a 100 nautical mile leg, so we got an early start, leaving just before 7:30am. At 6 knots, that’s 16 hours, which should get us in around midnight; earlier if we get lucky with some wind, later if not. Time for some afternoon napping!

As I write this, we’re about 4 miles offshore, west of Point Lobos. We’re running with both engines since there is again very little wind. We got a nice push out of Monterey with some morning easterly winds. We decided to head offshore a little off course to catch some of the afternoon winds, but I don’t know if that was worth it. We’re sort of heading back in now, slowly.


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