Looking to the weekend

Plenty to do this weekend, collecting my thoughts here. Feel free to contact me if you can help!

  • Electrical

    • The mast electrical connector was leaking, leaving a pile of water between the forward cabins. I’m sure this area is really gross -- it should be sucked out and sanitized.
    • Run a new 16 gauge wire for the steaming light. I ordered a new steaming light, but it’s not here yet.
    • Clean up the wiring behind the switch panel. It’s really messy. A lot of wires go around in circles, most of the data cables are just twisted, soldered, and taped together.
    • Run a coax cable from the radio to the mast connection area. I can’t terminate this yet because I’m not sure where the mast antenna cable is going to end out. I hope it’s long enough to run into the main cabin, but it might be behind the starboard berth.
  • Mechanical

    • I have a new antenna mount I built from scratch at Techshop 2. Would be great to attach this to the mast.
    • Affix the wind indicator. I took it out so I can add some anti-corrosion stuff.
    • Affix the deck light. The wire is run.
    • Remove all the teak off the rear seating area. I have new teak to apply.
  • Cleanup

    • Put away all the stuff in the main cabin. This is just a reorganization project.
    • Organize the tools

And there are things I won’t get to:

  • Finish adding the solar panel wire. The latest idea is to run a new wire from the port side to the starboard side for the deck lights and remove the starboard side wire. I ended up using my round 14ga wire for the deck light.

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