After a mostly uneventful trip, we are back in Cabo San Lucas. The first half of the trip had extremely light winds, so the new motors came in really handy. We need about seven knots average for the first half of the trip. on the second half we saw some pretty significant chop.that slowed us down a lot and because of the amount of spray we ended up reducing the engine RPM two a low cruise. Even with that, we were still able to maintain 5-6 knots.

Dave caught us a good sized tuna on the first day, so we had some fresh sashimi and some pan seared fresh fish.

Another interesting thing that happened during this trip was that a flock of birds decided to hitchhike on the bow pulpit. The birds were so tame we could touch them or even pick them up.

We check out of Mexico on Monday and start the longer, less connected journey back to San Diego. The forecasts look good, relatively calm motoring on Tuesday to Mag Bay. If the weather looks great, we will just skip that and head to Turtle Bay. There is a sea swell event further north so we may need to wait in Turtle Bay for a bit.

Not too many photos yet. Jack is a great cook and great photographer who doesn’t share his photos. Well, at least not yet. I do have this instagramified sunset pic.