It’s been so long and I haven’t even posted the return from Hawaii entry. it’s been a rough year.

Jane’O is happy back in fresh water for a bit. She’ll be up at Owl Harbor through Christmas. I was able to get some great crew from CSC (second pic, all except Bill) to help sail her up from Martinez.

We ended out running around twice, once when heading into the Martinez Marina (apparently it’s now only 2.5 feet right at the entrance) and another time while sailing near Antioch. The second time we just stopped paying careful attention. We were able to wiggle ourselves off the sandbar without any trouble.

Transportation from Owl was a little dodgy but we were able to get a Lyft from Rio Vista after the harbormaster and her husband gave us a ride.

Other upcoming Stuff

I had planned a bunch of stuff for the next few weeks, but I’m starting to get nervous about Covid again with the new variant. Nov 4th is a work party up at Owl Harbor. The window is still not installed, and it needs it. Hopefully we can get out and fish a little after installing the window, weather permitting.

On January 2, we’re going to have a king tide like we’ve never seen in a long time. So, I’m planning on beaching Jane’O on the Ashby shoal. I have a nearly full boat at this point, but it should be great -- there is a clam bake on the shoal as well as a bonfire.

More to come, hopefully!