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Sailing, sailing, over the bounding main

In case you didn’t catch the reference, watch the video. Except it’s not Jack coming home again, it’s Jane. Jane’O. Now I just need tinkerbell.

Boatyard Completion

We’re done at Svendsen’s Bay Marine. I have to say my opinion of this place has been turned around. Elliott, my main POC and project manager, is really a great guy. Overloaded and overworked a bit, but he really went the extra mile for me. Sam, one of the owners/leads for the yard, reached out a few times to check how things were going. I’d recommend them with one caveat: check in every two days and see how things are going. As usual, their work quality is really good. Their attention to detail and the “do it right” approach is awesome.

Fixed at the boatyard:

  • Starboard engine shaft replaced, new cutlass bearing, new coupler, added a line cutter, engine realigned
  • Waste line through hull replaced (was leaking)
  • MOST (not all) waste lines replaced; 3 left
  • Port engine through hull replaced (was leaking)
  • Jib pendant constructed and installed (this was the cause for the hard-to-furl furler)
  • Both shaft seals replaced, now they are non-metric seals. This was a lot of work!
  • Inoperative generator removed, fuel drained
  • Dinghy snap hooks repaired
  • Watermaker installed
  • Solar controller secured
  • Water tanks cleaned out
  • Transmission oil replaced (both engines)
  • Reef lines installed
  • Reef winch installed
  • Teak oiled
  • Victron energy controller installed
  • Bilge pumps repaired
  • Instrument panel work (lots of details there)

So, what’s left? A LOT. Today we will sail from Richmond back to Brisbane. I thought there were only 3 critical items left, but there are more than that:

  • Repair the jib halyard. It got frayed so we will need to pull it down and figure out how to resplice the end
  • Get the alternators working again. The boat can work without them, but they will be necessary for the trip south
  • There’s a leak just downstream of the water pump on the port engine.
  • Still a fuel leak on the starboard engine. Cause is known, waiting for parts
  • Investigate water in the forward starboard compartment. I’m fairly sure this is a leak from the fresh water system.

The list of high priority items, which won’t stop the leg to San Diego, is much longer. I’d leave without commissioning the watermaker, for example, but I’d really like to. Stupid stuff like getting a charge port for my cell phone next to the bed is also up there. But I’m going to focus on the must-do list first, perhaps work on a few from that list as well (this IS a long weekend).

I still have room today, estimated departure is 1pm (after lunch). Ping me if you’re interested!



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