So the corrosion continues...

All of last weekend was spent tracking down some additional corrosion. The good news is that I now understand where most of the wires go on this boat, at least the ones in the foreward compartments, which should make tracking stuff down a bit easier.

The main problem was a corroded set of connections in what should have been a waterproof box, combined with some water down in the forward compartments. I’ve snipped off all the connectors at this point, cut back the wire some, and resealed with heat shrink ring terminals and/or crimp/solder/shrink connectors. Probably could soak it in salt water and it would survive now. One of the wires that run from the port to the starboard side was particularly challenging to identify as a problem, which caused the port side bilge pump issues.

Thankfully, researching inexpensive but high quality connectors has paid off. Compare a 20 pack of ring terminals on ebay for $4.16 versus a 25 pack at West Marine for $29.99. Okay, there’s shipping too, but I got a few other things from this seller and he combined shipping.

Also got my radio license and MMSI for international travel. Looks like I still need a radiotelephone license though.


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