This weekend, I made a few changes to the blog software I chose. The original author apparently isn’t really maintaining it any more, so I added SAML integration and SMTP email notifications. For you non-techies, this means you can get an email whenever a new post is published on, and there aren’t any passwords to hack on the website.

There are a few other mailing lists already maintained on that you might also want to join, so they are all listed here. Please adjust your subscriptions so you get what you need when you need it!

Post Announcements

Every time a post is published, an email is sent to this list. If you subscribe, you’ll get notified too. This way you will know about posts as soon as they happen, rather than having to come visit or checking every so often. You can’t respond to these emails. To subscribe, just click the link here:

Join post-announcements group

Crew Requests

I also have a crew-request group, even though it hasn’t been very active lately. You have to get approved to join. I’ll be posting on here for the segments from San Diego to San Francisco, and also when the boat is back for some shorter trips.

Join crew-requests group

Tracking Messages

There are two of these, one of them is for all automated tracking messages. This means a new message is sent every half-hour while en-route. The messages are pretty cryptic, but you can subscribe to let you know that we reported a new position to the Garmin website, or check the Where Is Jane-O Wiki Page. You’ll get a lot of these at all hours of the day or night, so subscribe with caution. Great for someone who wants a LOT of information.

Join the noisy raw tracking group

And there is the notification list. This gets a message when the tracker turns on and whenever there is an urgent outbound notification while at sea. There shouldn’t be too many of these messages.

Join the text-based tracking-messages group