Canvas shop plans!

My favorite canvas place, West Coast Canvas up in the California Delta has me on the calendar for late March. They do great work and always have a tight schedule. This means I’m going to sail her up into the Delta on March 17th, spend the night at Andreas Cove Yacht Club, then on to Tower Park Resort on Sunday.

The plan for this Saturday is to complete the wiring work in the forepeaks. All the debugging is done (finally) and so now I just need to run one more wire, pull out the old bad wire, add some additional connections, add some LED lighting, and add dielectric grease everywhere.

There is also work to do on the forward nacelle,cleaning and emptying the fuel tanks, testing the fuel transfer system, and cleaning the compartment. There’s some standing water in there that has made it a little ugly.

I could use some help! If you’re interested, please reach out! With extra help, I might also be able to reinstall the headliner in the aft cabin, install some new outdoor speakers and a stereo, etc. I also have room on a trip in a week or so from Richmond back to Brisbane, probably on February 17th.


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