Getting super ANSI to get going again. Shaft is built, boom vang mostly fabricated, and the super sharp marine tech tells me we should launch today (pending confirmation on the lift schedule.

And the bad news: yesterday I fell about 8 feet off the back of the boat. Nothing broke but I got some good sized bruises and a few scratches and cuts. I am okay but it will make the trip even slightly harder.

Everything that shook loose is now fixed. I even managed to get a cell phone charger in the cabin.

Check out the size of this travel lift. For sizing, yes, that’s Jane’O in the background.

My plan is to head for Avalon tomorrow and San Diego Friday. That should get me into my reserved spot in Anchorage A1 by 4pm Friday, if I leave very early from Avalon.

Wish me luck -- this is a significant solo voyage and I haven’t soloed Jane’O yet. But she’s easy to handle and there are lots of alarms.

I remember Blaine saying “gee there were so many alarms going off at once when that freighter almost mowed us over”. Okay, it didn’t go exactly like that, but it was close :)