We’re losing against the virus. Sigh. Why can’t I get Jane’O back from Mexico? She must like it there. She’s been there for 15 months now!

The current but unlikely plan is to leave on April 8th, and sail straight through to San Diego. However, a lot of stuff can easily go wrong with this plan, so it might be a July trip again, when (hopefully) the virus is taking a break, and (hopefully) favorable hurricane winds blowing us north.

Sean keeps telling me it’s all about the story. What a story. Here’s how I think it looks so far:

Episode 1: The Phantom Menace Engines (oil leak in the California Delta)
Episode 2: Attack of the Postpone (delays to get to San Diego)
Episode 3: Revenge of the Shaft (shaft replacement in Ventura)
Episode 4: A New Hope (Made it to San Diego and prepped for the HaHa)
Episode 5: The Engine Strikes Back (Transmission failure)
Episode 6: A New Hope (Made it to Puerto Vallarta, but Mary breaks her leg)
Episode 7: The Force Awakens (Bash group can’t make it home)
Episode 8: The Last Jedi (Can’t even get on the cargo ship or get engines shipped)
Episode 9: The Rise of Coronavirus (Alvaro replaces the engines, but can’t sail back still)

Jane’O -- there aren’t any more episodes! Come home!