crew ยท engine

We have ignition!

The starboard engine is running GREAT! Here’s an audio clip of it at idle from down in the engine room:

Special thanks to Michael, my new diesel mechanic, who is also a multihull lover.

Urgent call for crew

Overnight passages really need three people. I still have room all the way from San Francisco to San Diego. Here’s the schedule, lines in RED are most critical.

DepartStartEndDistanceTime S/B@9
best case
Time S/B@5.5
worst case
Sat 13 Oct SF Half Moon Bay 39 4:20 7:05Gerry, Blaine
Sun 14 Oct HMB Monterey 70.6 7:50 12:50Gerry, Blaine
Mon 15 Oct Monterey (at sea)
Tue 16 Oct (at sea) Morro Bay 108.5 12:03 19:43Alan
Wed 17 Oct (provisioning/weather)
Thu 18 Oct Morro Bay (at sea)
Fri 19 Oct (at sea) Santa Barbara 108 12:00 19:38Alan, Blaine
Sat 20 Oct Spare Day
Sun 21 Oct Santa Barbara Redondo Beach 74 8:13 13:27Alan
Mon 22 Oct Redondo Beach Dana Point 48 5:20 8:43Alan
Tue 23 Oct Dana Point San Diego 42 4:40 7:38Alan


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