Half Moon Bay ยท Leg 1

What does ready mean anyway?

Maybe this means I’m ready?

High pressure over the eastern Pacific extends into the Great Basin
this morning. High pressure over the Great Basin will weaken today.
The eastern Pacific high pressure system will then build into the
Canadian and U.S. Rockies, and into the Great Basin again, late in
the weekend and early next week.

SAT W winds 5 to 15 kt. Wind waves 3 ft in the morning… becoming 2 ft or less. Mixed swell NW 3 to 4 ft at 10 seconds and S 3 to 4 ft at 16 seconds.

SAT NIGHT W winds 10 kt. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell NW 3 to 4 ft at 10 seconds and S 3 ft at 17 seconds.

Or perhaps it’s the “start the trip with a light breeze (Beaufort 2) and move to a gentle breeze (Beaufort 3) as the day goes on, ending with it back at a light breeze.

Or maybe it’s the fact that Mary replaced the artwork.

Actually, I think it means the day has come to prep for departure. Everything is not done, but it’s done enough for me to get going. I have some stuff I can do at anchor, unless higher priority stuff comes up (stuff breaks).

Lets see if I can get to San Diego in one piece.

Leg 1 - Monterey

It does look like I have a crew heading down!

  • Gerry,who has been instrumental in getting Jane’O ready for this trip, is taking the forward port cabin.
  • Blaine, who I haven’t seen in a while, is taking the aft starboard side, and is hopping off at Monterey, but rejoining in Morro Bay.
  • The port starboard berth, aka the “garage”, will get occupied by Eric Zhevel. He reached out and, although originally I turned him down since he’s inexperienced, his persistence landed him a spot. He’s super green, but he promised to make himself useful enough for future trips. He’ll be hopping off at our first stop, Half Moon Bay, and then biking back home Sunday. Let’s hope his bike doesn’t fall into the ocean.

Most everyone is coming by in the 4-6pm timeframe. Although I wasn’t able to muster a bon-voyage party, we’ll probably have a short one then. At 7pm, I return the car I won’t be using for a few months, then Uber to the boat for the last time in a while.

Speaking of Uber

Words can’t express how lucky I am to work there and be able to take a trip like this. If you’re a software engineer looking for a good place to work, hit me up.


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